Hi! My name is Kristina Alberto. I'm a programmer, mother, and self-professed geek from Sydney, Australia.

Hi! My name is Kristina Alberto. I'm a programmer, mother, and self-professed geek from Sydney, Australia. Currently I work as a Software Engineer at Domain Group.

This blog, and all of its contents are my own and are not representative of my workplace.

I've always liked computers and programming. I remember finding a DOS manual at our house when I was a kid, and I was thrilled to discover I could tell the computer what to do.

I was born in Australia, but lived in the Philippines (I'm ethnically Filipino) for 20 years. I graduated Computer Science from the University of the Philippines.

In my final year of university, I became part of the team representing the Philippines in the Microsoft Imagine Cup. I got to go on an all-expenses-paid trip to Japan! This experience was the reason why I focused on .NET.

After graduating, I relocated to Sydney and worked as a developer at two digital agencies. I started off purely as a back-end developer, but in time I got exposed to front-end technologies.

I moved to Fairfax Media (now Nine) after being invited by a friend who I previously worked with. I worked for almost 8 years there, before seeking new challenges at Domain Group.

Outside of work, I do some freelance as well. I also enjoy going to local tech meetups, especially those with a Women in Tech focus, so I can be around like-minded people.

You can find me on Instagram and on Twitter!

A Bit More About Me!

  • I'm a 90's kid who loves 80's pop music. I also listen to old tunes from the 50's and 60's.
  • I'm married with two kids.
  • I can speak two languages, English and Tagalog. I also study Japanese but I'm still beginner level.
  • I'm a geek and a huge fangirl. Ask me about my favourite anime/manga or video games.
  • I love cats and used to have three at one time. I encourage everyone to adopt rather than shop.
  • I'm an emotional eater.
  • I have to drink at least one cup of coffee a day or I'll get a headache.
  • I can sew my own clothes. I have a Janome Skyline S7 sewing machine, an Elna 664 Pro overlocker, and a Janome CPX2000 coverstich machine.
  • I also do machine embroidery on my Janome MB-4 multineedle.
  • I go to church twice a week.
  • I am conscious of the environment and work towards reducing my environmental footprint.
  • I'm an introvert but I also like to be unique.
  • I believe in being kind to others, especially on the Internet.
  • My greatest dream is to make a difference in this world.