Attending My First Muses Code JS Workshop

react Nov 06, 2019

Back in May 2019, I attended my first MusesCodeJS (previously NodeGirls) meetup. It was a full-day workshop held on a Saturday. During that time I needed to learn React for work, and I thought I'd learn more effectively in a workshop than my usual method of self-study.

I invited my friend/ex-workmate Shobha to join me on the day, so it was a great opportunity to catch up as well!

The MusesCodeJS workshop caught my eye as they have a "kids allowed" policy. I opted not to bring my own children as I knew they would just be bored and I'd still have to watch over them. But it was nice that the event was inclusive in that sense. I saw some attendees that had brought their babies with them. I'm hoping that in the future, more tech events and workshops would provide crèche services so that parents and guardians can freely join these events.

The event was held at the Microsoft Reactor in Sydney. As soon as I entered, I was given a free MusesCodeJS t-shirt that was in my fave colour - blush pink! There were also other free swag such as stickers and even fidget spinners.

There were three workshops on the day: A beginner JavaScript course, a course on JavaScript and ExpressJS, and a React + GraphQL course. My friend Shobha was attending the beginner course, and I had signed up for the React one, so we split up after the welcome session.

The React workshop was more advanced than I had expected, but I was still able to follow along. In retrospect I was really looking for a "basics of React" course, but I still learned a lot from the workshop. Having hands-on experience and an expert who was available for questions helped immensely. I was even able to answer some of the questions he posed to the class!

Learning React by building a Twitter clone

Lunch was provided at the event and catered by Cuon. Even though I'm not fond of Vietnamese cuisine (I dislike coriander with a passion), I still prefer it to the usual "pizza + beer" that seems to be the staple in tech events. There was also free gelato, yum!

Throughout the event I was tweeting more frequently than usual. That's because it was announced there was going to be a prize for whoever tweeted (and used the hashtag #MusesCodeJS) the most. And lo and behold, I actually won! The prize was a paid React For Beginners course by Wes Bos - exactly what I needed in the first place!

All in all, I had a super productive day of learning, surrounded by many women in tech! I also met Monica, a General Assembly graduate who sat next to me on the day of the workshop. She is now working in Domain as a developer!

Here are some of the other resources I used to further my knowledge in JavaScript and React:

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