From Monolith To Microservices: Notes From ContainerCamp

conference Feb 19, 2020

Last July 2019, I was able to attend the ContainerCamp conference in Sydney courtesy of DevOpsGirls. Here are some of my notes from the talk From Monolith to Microservices.

What is a monolith? A system that has the 3 L's: large, legacy, lethal!

What is a microservice?

  • A single app broken into a suite of small services, usually by business capability
  • Deployed independently
  • Loosely coupled

Why do microservices?

  • Smaller teams move faster
  • Enables shipping out changes faster

How to start breaking up a monolith into microservices?

  1. Start with an opportunity to extract out a business feature or function.
  2. Transform a pain point into a new service.
  3. Always start small.
  4. Always get the business in the loop and ship something to get business confidence.
  5. Think out of the box - don't code a microservice like a monolith!
  6. Use feature flags and canary deployments to roll out changes slowly.

Key Takeaways

  • Business buy-in is very important
  • It will take time
  • Design systems with resilience. The system will fail, the important thing is how fast is your recovery?
  • How small is a microservice? Need to have consensus within the team.
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