My First Month At Domain Group

personal Mar 29, 2019

On February 2019 I started my new job at Domain Group as a Software Engineer. As of writing, I've been at Domain for almost 2 months now - how time flies!

I wanted to give an account of my first month on the job, so I can look back with fond memories, but also because I wanted to applaud the amazing onboarding process I experienced.

If you're sussing out Domain as a potential employer, the TLDR is I highly recommend it and I think it's a great place to work!

After I accepted the offer, I got a sweet postcard in the mail with a note from my recruitment consultant. It was totally unexpected and I really appreciated it!

In the weeks leading up to my first day, I got a few emails to get acquainted with the company. I was asked to introduce myself, share my hobbies and passions, and read up on the different teams and products that make up Domain.

The First Day

On my first day, there were green Welcome balloons at my new desk, together with Domain swag. Another onboarding experience win which made me feel super welcome.

My work laptop is a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. It is ultra light compared to the MacBook Pro at my previous job. A blessing because I carry my laptop every day!

I joined my team for a quick standup, then went on the scheduled office tour!

Our office is at Pyrmont, close to The Star. Domain occupies the Ground floor, 1st floor, and 5th floor of the building.

The Ground floor houses the main reception and has a "formal lounge" feel. Interviews, large corporate events, and Domain Partner events happen there. Oh, and it has a cafe where the coffee is subsidised (i.e. cheaper)!

My team works on the 5th floor, which has lots of natural light! The high ceilings also make the space feel much more open.

After the tour, I proceeded to the Induction (laptop setup) with the IT Help Desk on the 1st floor.

I personally believe our IT Help Desk team is brilliant! "Your Friendly Neighborhood IT Department" sounds like an oxymoron, but they live up to it. They are so approachable and get things done really quick. Their average response time is 2 hours! Unreal, right?

The First Weeks

The first few weeks were a bit slow as I was still getting adjusted. I set up my local dev environment, read source code, but wasn't really productive yet. Instead, I used the time to get to know people.

I love our breakout kitchen! It's got heaps of seating and feels like a cafeteria. In my previous jobs I used to eat lunch at my desk, occasionally going out. Here, I eat lunch with my team everyday! Sometimes other people come and join us too, and it's a great way to meet new people.

I also watched a lot of Pluralsight videos (we get free accounts!) and caught up on new technologies that we used in our tech stack.

Other Stuff That Happened

  • I went to a "Welcoming You" session hosted by our Employee Experience (HR) team. This was so much fun as I met other new starters in the company and we introduced ourselves. We were encouraged to make our life at Domain a truly fulfilling experience and become "Domain Ambassadors".
  • We had cake for the March birthday celebrants!
  • I joined a meetup at work reviewing Computer Science algorithms (#comp-sci-or-die)! I was able to meet people from other teams I normally wouldn't have a chance to interact with.
  • I had coffee with a random coffee buddy - we were paired up via Slack!
  • I met other Filipinos at work (YES! Finally a chance to speak in my native language at the workplace.)
  • Group Platforms (the wider team I am part of) held our monthly Team Lunch at Whirly Bird!
  • Domain celebrated International Womens' Day with a morning tea and talks!
  • I learned about DynamoDb, Lambda, SQS, IdentityServer, NodeJS, React, etc.
  • I made my first pull request at work!

All in all, I've really enjoyed working at Domain so far! I definitely feel more engaged with my career as a software developer.

Kristina Alberto

Software engineer from Sydney. I work at Domain Group.