Personalising Your Visual Studio Workspace

visual studio Apr 04, 2019

Marie Kondo says surrounding ourselves with things that spark joy will inspire us.

As programmers, we spend a lot of time looking at code. Taking a few moments to beautify our virtual workspace may seem meaningless, but for me it helps to be mindful of the tools I use daily.

(It also serves as a great talking point when other people look at what I'm working on!)

In this post I will talk about some of the things I use to personalise my Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Professional workspaces.

Programming Fonts

If you haven't changed your editor's fonts from the default one, why not try it? It might make that annoying codebase a bit more enjoyable to debug.

Do a search for "best programming fonts" and you'll have quite a selection. My personal favourites are:

Fairyfloss (Visual Studio Code)

I like cute things, so for VS Code I use Fairyfloss, a pastel colour theme developed by @sailorhg.

I also use the theme for Sublime Text. Download the Visual Studio Code version here.

Peacock (Visual Studio Code)

When I'm working on front-end stuff, I usually end up having to open up different React projects. Which means I have many instances of VS Code open at one time.

This plugin changes the workspace colours of VS Code so you can easily differentiate between the open instances. You can have Peacock change to a random colour or just choose from your favourites.

MoeIDE (Visual Studio Professional)

Did you know you can change Visual Studio's background to an image?

The magic is done via an extension called MoeIDE. After installing the extension, change the Visual Studio theme to either Light Transparent or Dark Transparent. Then in Options, go to MoeIDE and choose the image you'd like displayed.

Side note: Visual Studio 2019 has recently launched - go download it if you haven't! MoeIDE works on VS2019.

Do you personalise your code editor? What other extensions or plugins do you recommend?

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